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Direct Mail Marketing Services

You don’t need to stuff, label and sort! You have better things to do!  We are a registered direct mailing house with the United States Postal Service. What does that mean for you? It means we have the most reliable direct mail marketing services in Tucson

Direct Mail is the most cost-effective means to deliver your message to an ENTIRE market area! The two most common methods are targeted and saturation. Each can hone in specifically on your target demographic.

Target Mailing

A targeted mailing uses a mailing list that has been “boiled down” to the correct audience using parameters like proximity, age, income, etc.  We print each address on each piece and send them out bulk mail with a minimum of 200 addresses.

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Saturation Mailing

The saturation method sends your piece to EVERY Door within a carrier route and/or zip code and costs even less than bulk mail!

Direct Mail is easy when you have the specialists at SWS on your team. You pick your route/method (need a list? We can get it.  Have a list? We can use it.), we create your postcard (our talented in-house graphic design team can create anything you want from scratch) or use one you’ve provided, pick your mail dates (you want to do at LEAST 3 passes, if not 5-7 for maximum effect), and you’re off to the races!  

Don’t worry about all the guidelines for postcard sizes, postage permits, address label rules, etc.—that’s what we’re here for, to know and operate within those boundaries so you don’t have to think about them. Let us do all the heavy lifting and you can reap the rewards!

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direct mail marketing services
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