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labor day gifts great ways to honor those who work



Labor Day Gifts – Great Ways to Honor Those Who Work

Fall is in the air! The weather is getting cooler, the leaves are changing color, and Labor Day is just around the corner. As we head into the fall season, Labor Day is a time to celebrate the American workforce. This holiday was created to honor the people who work hard every day to make our country great. It is also a time for employers to show their appreciation for their employees. If you are looking for some Labor Day gifts to show your employees some love, look no further! In this blog post, we will discuss some great ways to say “thank you” to your team.

Celebrate Labor Day by Recognizing your Employees

One way to show your employees appreciation is with a thoughtful gift. You can never go wrong with a gift card to their favorite restaurant or store of course, but many times a great way to show your employees appreciation is through recognition and awards. You could consider giving out physical awards, such as plaques or trophies, or show your appreciation by giving your employees some swag! This could be anything from branded t-shirts to company mugs. Swag is a great way to show your employees that you care about them and that you are proud of them. It is also a great way to promote your company and build team morale. Whatever swag you choose, we will make sure it is high quality and something that your employees will be proud to rep.


Plaques and Trophies

One of our favorite ways to show employees our appreciation for all of the hard work they do is with custom plaques and trophies. Not only will your employees be thrilled to receive these thoughtful gifts, but they’ll also be proud to display them in their office or workspace. Plus, it’s a great way to show your customers and clients that you value your employees and their contributions. So if you’re looking for a unique and memorable way to show your appreciation this Labor Day, look no further than custom plaques and trophies! We have multitudes of different awards and recognition plaques to choose from, and it’s important to note that recognition gifts can be as stock or as custom as you’d like! Sparkling crystal and stately wooden wall plaques are always classic, but we can also keep it fresh and modern with custom mixed materials gifts.

  • Emblems, Pins & Medals 
  • Gift Sets (Clocks & Watches)
  • Golf (Acrylic, Crystal, Glass, Marble, and Metal finishes available)
  • Paperweights (Acrylic, Crystal, Glass, Marble, Metal, and Wood finishes available)
  • Plaques (Acrylic, Crystal, Glass, Marble, Metal, and Wood finishes available)
  • Trophies
  • Vases (Crystal, Glass, Marble, and Metal finishes available)

Custom Swag

For businesses, Labor Day is a great opportunity to show your employees your appreciation with some fun swag and promotional gifts. Whether it’s a branded tee with your company logo or a mug with their name, they’ll know that you’re thinking of them. Plus, they’ll love showing off their new swag to their friends and family. The options for branded gifts are endless. We have many different swag options to choose from. So go ahead and give them something to show your appreciation – they deserve it! 

Show Your Employees Your Appreciation This Labor Day!

We hope we have given you some ideas on how to show your appreciation for your employees this Labor Day. Remember, it is important to show your appreciation all year round, not just on holidays! A little recognition can go a long way in making your employees feel valued and appreciated and here at Southwest Solutions we will make sure of that. Thank you for reading and happy Labor Day from Southwest Solutions! 

Do you have any other ideas for showing employee appreciation? We would love to hear from you in the comments below! Or give us a call at (520) 207-1900.


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