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Branded Auto Dealer Supplies and Promotional Products

The automotive repair and sales industries are highly competitive. Staying top of mind for your customers is really important to help attract and retain customers. Promotional auto dealer supplies are a brilliant way to build your brand through memorable, tangible items that customers can take with them!

These items can be imprinted with your company’s logo, name, or message to build brand awareness and be an effective marketing tool for your business and amongst your customers. Branded supplies engage everyone with a sense of touch to connect with your customer base on a more personal level.

At Southwest Solutions, we specialize in branded auto dealer and auto shop supplies! Here are some of the best ways to make sure car buyers in today’s market bring their return business to YOU, not the other guy.

Car Freshener

Custom Air Fresheners

What better way to stay in front of your customer than in the one place you want them thinking about you – in their car! Custom air fresheners come in handy to keep that ‘new car’ smell in the air and keep your customers coming back for more. The air freshener is in the most prime position of your car, this allows marketing material to be in your constant eye line all the time.

With a fun shape and lots of design space, the possibilities are endless. You can even put a catchy phrase on the air freshener along with your logo that says “When this air freshener loses its effectiveness, so has your engine oil. Call us for your next appointment and we’ll fix both!”

This kind of marketing is incredibly effective and extremely catchy. All it takes is one person to notice the pleasant smell in your car and you could have more customers in no time. Whenever someone else gets into the car, your logo, name, and business will become the center of attention; not to mention, your customer will be telling all of their friends about their fantastic experience. This is a great way to grow and expand your customer base by letting your customers do the promoting for you.

Southwest Solutions has a wide range of air freshener products for your customers to fall in love with. From custom scents to vent clips, die-cut and paper air fresheners, we have it all. Have your logo or name in front of your customers all the time with a beautiful air freshener, today!

Car Sunshade

Auto Shades

We’re not sure if you’ve heard (maybe you’ve been living under a rock! We don’t judge), but Arizona is a hot place. Help your customer protect their investment from the Tucson sun with a beautiful, and more importantly effective, auto shade for their car. This is one of the most useful accessories to have in order to protect your dashboard from the blazing sun whilst also promoting your business to everyone who walks by. Branding on a custom auto shade is like having a little billboard for your business every time they park their car somewhere. This is a huge opportunity to make something memorable for the people who walk past your customer’s car.

Care Tire Gauge

Tire Gauge

Some of the most important auto shop supplies are specialized tools to help get your car ready for traveling. Custom branded tire gauges will allow your customers to think of you when they are checking their tires before their journey. Having your logo and name on such a tool will help customers find you whenever they may need auto shop supplies for their car. If you sell tires, adding a tire gauge with your name on it will help make you the first person they call whenever they notice they need a new set.

Boasting a wide range of colors, styles, and sizes, let the experts at Southwest Solutions help you customize and brand quick view tire gauges to help promote your business.

Car Pen

Branded Pens

You can never have enough pens, neither can your customers. Writing instruments are by far the most popular promotional products around. Pens are something people will always need and will always keep around. Because of this, custom pens are an easy way to publicize your brand due to their low cost per unit and extreme usefulness in everyday life. Interested in taking it even further? Give a small notebook alongside your branded pen for customers to track their maintenance history in!

Whether you are looking to put your logo or company name on a specific pen, eraser, or gift set, Southwest Solutions has a diverse range on offer to help promote and publicize your business. These include a wide range of pens, with access to retail brands like Pilot, Sharpie, Zebra, and more, that can include ballpoints, gels, hi-techs, retractable pens, markers, and so much more.

Car Keychain

Key Chains

Promotional and branded keyrings are a great way to promote your business. Custom keychains are one of the easiest and highest value products to brand in order to increase your brand impressions. Keychains are incredibly useful, but also small and cost-efficient items that people use multiple times a day. Because of this, keychains can help position your brand in the perfect place for your customers to remember and reach out.

Southwest Solutions has a wonderful range of custom keychains to help take your brand to the next level. From simple metal, PVC, and plastic key tags to carabiners, bottle openers, flashlights, and more.

Branded auto dealer supplies are one of the best ways to get your name and brand out there. From simple keychains to custom pens, auto shades, and air fresheners, branded products can help stay on top of your customer’s minds whilst building recognition and loyalty for your business. At Southwest Solutions, we are great at creating promotional products that can make an impact. If you are not exactly sure about what you may want but know you need to do something to stand out, give us a call at (520) 207-1900 and we can help come up with the perfect promotional items for your business.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in contact with us and we’ll get brainstorming on how to best please your clients!


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