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Local Gift Boxes: Case Study

Promoting your brand and fostering relationships are important business features that no company can afford to ignore! Regardless of their success, companies with regular customers still need to find new and creative ways to maintain customer engagement, brand awareness, and their strong reputation.

This is where providing artfully curated gift boxes come in. Whether you are looking for custom executive gifts or employee swag gifts or just something to say thank you for your business, gift boxes say a lot without costing a ton. Gift boxes procured and kitted by Southwest Solutions combine local Tucson products and for this example, can include items like; artisanal popcorn, a bottle of wine from a local vineyard, two reusable double-wall wine tumblers, a logoed bag, wine accessories sets, and a nuts snack box of locally grown pecans!

This case study will show the success you can have by using curated gift boxes with a combination of local items and branded items.

Target Audience

Needless to say, anyone – prospects or current clients – would love to receive one of these beautiful gifts. However, they tend to have the greatest impact on existing customers. From a business standpoint, the target audiences that will benefit substantially from these are businesses with a powerful brand name and loyal customers. These are those customers that support you continuously throughout your business life. Naturally, you believe you’re the best at what you do- otherwise, you’d be in business doing something else- but gift boxes like these set you apart even more from your competition by showing your customers that you care about their presence beyond just the transactional nature of business.

Locally Packed Gift Boxes

Local Gift Box Goals

The primary goal of a gift box is to improve the relationship between existing customers and your company. Gift boxes make customers feel appreciated and add a personal touch to your advertising efforts. This special effort will form a genuine bond between you and your customers.

As with any promotional product, the true purpose of these gifts is to elicit an emotional reaction (the “ooh!” moment).

Bear in mind that if you’re giving these gifts at the end of the year, you need to make sure your gift stands out. More thought (and not necessarily more money) needs to be put into the gift if you want to clinch the Wow! factor. When we achieve that Wow! factor, the thank yous you get from your customers will tell you right away that you hit the nail on the head.

Locally Gift Boxes

Program Theme

For the first time ever, the attorney clients we built this gift program for were looking to move beyond the old-school food gift basket. They had been sending the same kind of food basket for years. They realized they were at the very least missing out on the potential of including branded goodies in their holiday gifts – let alone missing the Wow! factor.

They came to us wanting to put something classy together – something that honors Tucson, but also reflects back on the law firm positively and confidently. We landed on gift boxes with locally sourced products and customized, unique promo goodies for their customers.

Gift Boxes

Custom Gift Boxes Results

Our client that sent these gift boxes was overwhelmed by the positive response from their clients. They received – for the first time – numerous handwritten thank you cards, gushing over the gifts and how stunning they were. These local gift boxes make the customers feel special, and it makes them feel like the company truly values them and their business.

One client wrote “Wow!! Thank you for the most impressive and delicious gift. Absolute class personified!!” Another remarked “Again – WOW!!! P.S. I refer clients to you because you are the epitome of competence, depth of knowledge, & professionalism!!!”

Seeing as gift boxes are an example of indirect marketing, customers that receive a gift box are more likely to share the news and promote the company via word of mouth. However, with the presence of social media, there is now the possibility that customers may post their gift baskets on social media, meaning that persons who may have never heard about your brand and company before are now seeing it on their timelines- potential new customers for you!

Promotional Local Gift Boxes Marketing

Businesses that have partnered with Southwest Solutions to provide custom gift boxes, like the one above, create and maintain strong brand awareness, ensuring their company name is always at the forefront of their customers’ minds.

Plus, these gift boxes and their contents can be achieved on a variety of budgets and are customizable to suit each of your clients’ and your own needs.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in contact with us and we’ll get brainstorming on how to please your clients!


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