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Custom Drinkware for Promoting Your Business

'Clink, Clink.' Please raise your glasses as we toast to the ever-popular promotional favorite swag item, drinkware! There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of options when it comes to branding promotional items. Custom drinkware, however, is a favorite of marketers everywhere.

Custom printed mugs and glasses make great giveaways because they are useful, versatile and can be utilized by everyone! Here, we will share why you should consider custom drinkware for promoting your business and best practices when it comes to branding promotional drinkware.

custom drinkware product design

First, let's talk about WHO benefits from custom drinkware.

Promotional drinkware is great for young and wise alike. Custom printed coffee mugs make fantastic college promotional items, while custom wine glasses are wonderful favors for nonprofit fundraisers and corporate evening events! Personalized travel mugs are perfect for the professional of any age to use at the office or to take on the go.

Custom water bottles are a great way to remind kids and adults alike to stay hydrated while promoting your organization. Branded cups and tumblers are also a fantastic way to promote an upcoming event or sale - no matter your target audience.

From employee appreciation to entertaining, custom drinkware can meet your promotional needs and fits any demographic really. It's really HOW you market or brand your custom drinkware that your customers will drink right up!

How can I design drinkware for promoting my business?

custom drinkware ideas for businessesWhile we are just as crazy about your custom logo as you are, it doesn't always need to be what's printed on your promo products. You are not limited to how you design your drinkware.

You can think up any sort of motivational phrase, comical quotes, personalized portraits, and more. If you can imagine it, we can print it! Here are some popular ideas for various industries and their niche audiences:

- Custom ceramic coffee mugs for college students.

Custom ceramic mugs with funny phrases about college studies like "Books First, Then Booze" or "Chemistry is a lot like cooking, just don't lick the spoon."

Universities and trade schools looking to gain more exposure for their college can give away custom printed coffee mugs with a similar message or logo on them.

- Custom travel mugs for the workplace sporting funny phrases.

Phrasing like “I’m not bossy, I have leadership skills!” or “Work happens, coffee helps” are popular and fun for office giveaways! Custom printed travel mugs are great for anyone with a mobile job that spends a lot of time on the go. It's an easy way to keep your brand top of mind!

Tons of companies like truck driving schools and companies looking to hire over-the-road truckers consider this option. Funny sayings for trucker mugs include "Horn broken, watch for finger" or "If you can read this, I'm going too slow!"

- Custom water bottles for athletes and more.

Custom personalized water bottles make great promotional items for swim clubs and sports leagues that want to promote healthier lifestyles and their brand.

Custom printed reusable water bottle labels encourage their target market to drink more H2O. Consider some motivating phrases about hydrating like "Chug Chug Chug" or "Sometimes I drink more water to surprise my liver."

Creating a climbing community takes investment and one of the most successful investments we have made in that avenue has been the Circuit Session event.

A huge part of that success is due to the custom award pin badges we gave away as rewards for completion of a circuit. These pins represented a few dollars invested but the community response to them was worth far more to our business.

-Cory Hanson, General Manager

That said, a motivational motto or funny phrase can go a long way to encourage and entertain a customer. This earns you favor in their eyes every time they see and use your promo gift! Statistically, logoed mugs are more effective advertising than radio and television spots; 57% of people were able to recall the advertiser on a mug versus 32% of radio and 28% of TV.

In addition to being reusable, they are very eco-friendly which is great for most businesses. Custom drinkware with your logo and message on them will serve as a constant reminder of your organization. It is more of a covert way of advertising your brand.

How do I package promotional drinkware?

custom drinkware for promoting your businessAs with most promotional items, you can either give them away packaged or unpackaged. Custom drinkware is no exception.

Custom drinkware is a container, after all, so why not use its value right out the gate and fill it with other items relevant to your promotional goals? And who doesn't love edible gift sets?

For example, if you are a local chocolatier (what a gig!), you can add a cocoa packet and a mixing spoon inside. You can also add coupons, business cards, and more to sweeten the deal! Remember not to be too "salesy" - this is about staying top of mind by engaging the senses and emotions, not about hard selling.

Focus on adding value to the customer's item. Your customers will be saying "bottoms up" and your bottom line may soon also be on the rise!

Is printing custom drinkware as a promotional item expensive?

It depends! There’s drinkware for a beer budget, and there’s drinkware for a champagne budget. Ordering drinkware for promoting your business can be an investment, yes. However, we like to see the glass half full, if you will. The promotional value of custom drinkware is priceless. Customized drinkware can be used long after your promoting efforts are over - making it an exceptional return on investment for your brand!

One tip we like to share is to source locally or as close-to-home as possible, since freight blows on drinkware. This can help offset the costs significantly.

Custom drinkware is a company's way of advertising themselves in homes or businesses, so the type of message that you send out should reflect upon them.

Remember, the best way to create stunning custom drinkware for promoting your business is by consulting with the pro’s who have been serving Tucson beautiful custom drinkware for over 40 years! Get in contact with Southwest Solutions today!


Why Promotional Design is Important: The Basics

If you are a business owner and you don't have promotional design materials, or your promotional materials just aren't working for you- then this blog post is for you!

We'll discuss the basics of why promotional design is important to increase conversions for your business. We'll also talk about how it can help your business grow by improving customer engagement, increasing brand awareness, and attracting new customers.

Along with these benefits, we'll also go over best practices when creating promotional material such as making sure that the design resonates with your audience so they respond better to it.

What is promotional design?

Promotional design is the process of designing materials to promote a business. These may be logos, flyers, brochures, or anything else that you would use to advertise your company.

This blog post will go over the basics of promotional design and why it's important for businesses to invest in this type of marketing!

promotional design tips

How do promotional products help businesses?

Promotional products are a great way to increase brand awareness. When you hand out promotional items, such as key chains or pens with your logo on them, people will see it everywhere they go and associate that item with your company.

Even if someone doesn't remember the name of your business, if they still have one of these items in their home, they will remember your business name and logo.

Promotional products are also a great way to attract new customers! For example, if you have everyone in the neighborhood walking around with your tote bags or hats, their friends would want one too because of how cool they think it is that someone gave them something for free.

Promotional products keep your brand top-of-mind, and a top-of-mind company is one that people are going to remember and refer to when others ask about the unique products and services your company offers. This helps your bottom line!

Promotional products can also be used as incentives for customers who have already purchased from you, which keeps them around for longevity and continued purchasing.

Creating a climbing community takes investment and one of the most successful investments we have made in that avenue has been the Circuit Session event.

A huge part of that success is due to the custom award pin badges we gave away as rewards for completion of a circuit. These pins represented a few dollars invested but the community response to them was worth far more to our business.

-Cory Hanson, General Manager

How can promotional products help improve customer engagement?

Promotional products are a great way to engage with customers. Whether it's at tradeshows, conferences, seminars or just in your office- promotional materials will help bring people together!

It is important that the design resonates with your audience. For example if you're trying to reach young professionals then having classic business designs wouldn't be best suited as a promotional product because it wouldn't resonate with them.

It is important to always be on the forefront of what's new and trending when designing your promotional material- whether that means using materials like metal or plastic, implementing fun shapes into the design, incorporating custom colors and branding elements (like your logo), etc.

Having these elements incorporated into your promotional products will help make them stand out from the others and resonate better with customers. Read our most recent blog about the top trending brand materials for promo products!

How does promotional design increase brand awareness?

promotional design materials for swsIn the same way that it is important for promotional products to resonate with your audience, it's also important that they increase brand awareness. The design of a promotional product should capture the personality and tone of your business.

When customers see this, they will feel more connected to your brand because it resonates with their values, taste level, and interests.

Promotional products also give people something that is specific to you- so even if they don't remember what company created it or what services you provide, they will remember the name of your business and hopefully associate it with a positive memory.

What are best practices for creating promotional materials?

Now that you know why promotional design is important- here's some tips on how to do it well!

- Make sure you design for today's environment. This means that designs must be eye-catching and made to look great!

- Be consistent with your branding (colors, font styles & logo placement) so everyone knows it is from the same company/person.

- Make it easy for customers to contact you. For example, if it's a cool gadget- make sure there's a phone number or website on it, etc.

This way, when people are flaunting it around or asked about it, your CTA is right there for them to act on!

How do I go about printing promotional products?

best promotional design materials in tucsonAt SWS we have over 40 years of experience in designing promotional products for many different types of businesses, and are here to help create custom products that will make you stand out from the competition!

If you have any questions or are interested in learning more, give us a call! We'll be happy to answer your questions and walk you through the process of printing promotional materials for your business!

Promotional design is an important part of any business. It's a great way to build brand recognition and make your company more memorable, among many other perks. But what exactly does it entail?

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The 15 Best Company Swag Gifts for Employee Appreciation!

You know your employees are the lifeblood of your business. Show them you appreciate them with some of the best company swag and gifts for Employee Appreciation! What better way to show your gratitude for all their hard work than by giving them a fun and useful item that will help them with their tasks and everyday lifestyle? Our top picks are below. Let us help you find the perfect employee appreciation gift today!

Top Gifts for Hybrid Workers.

best company swag for hybrid workersThe idea of a hybrid employee is not new to the workforce. In fact, it's been around for decades. What is different about this generation of workers, though, is that they are more educated and skilled than previous generations. They're also less likely to stay in one job or city for their entire careers.

This means employers need to be flexible with what benefits they offer if they want to attract top talent (and keep them). It also means showing appreciation and an understanding of just what hybrid work entails. A thoughtful and relevant gift really can make a lasting impression. And who doesn’t want quality talent around for the longevity of their business’ success? Consider these top-trending gifts below for the hybrid worker:

  1. Commuter friendly tech (power banks, earphones)
  2. Backpack/satchels like this Graphite Deluxe Computer Backpack
  3. Drinkware – coffee on the go! For gifts, premium brands are a good thing (like Corkcicle & Miir) From wine tumblers to water bottles, we have tons of options.
  4. Tech-forward notebooks that take off like this here Rocketbook
  5. Goodie Packs - Make light of all the Zoom meetings with goodie packs that call it out directly!
  6. Lap desk - From cushioned to cooling fans, we have all you can imagine when it comes to lap desks.

Top Gifts for Employee Appreciation Overall:

best company swag for employee appreciationWith so many options to choose from, it can be difficult to find the best company swag or gifts that would best suit your business. The following list is a mix of the most popular items that have been proven through research and customer feedback as well-received by employees across industries.


  1. Jackets or other nice outerwear
  2. Home tech
  3. Money! Lol jk (but for reals)
  4. Watches - the brand name for that oomph!
  5. Outdoorsy stuff. (To use on their days off) Coolers, also these neat cooler seats, yummy blankets, hammocks, etc.

Top Gifts for Brand Ambassadors:

Brand Ambassadors are always a great asset to any company, and this Employee Appreciation season is no exception. A little appreciation for their hard work can go a long way and show that you care about the future of your business. Here are some of the best company swag gift ideas to get you started on your search for the perfect gift for this unique group of creative and expressive professionals.

  1. T-shirts. Soft & delicious shirts are absolutely crucial, but trendy designs are also a must. Even brand ambassadors don’t want to feel like a billboard.”
  2. Design-forward small gifts, like keychains, blue-light glasses and stainless straws
  3. Socks!!! Who doesn’t love a pair of fun socks?
  4. Gift sets with snacks included (take your pick, depending on who your respective Brand Ambassador is. We recommend picking different ones for college students vs young professionals, etc.) Fun examples of what we can create together are posted here. Gift baskets are nice because they tie into emotion-forward activities (think: grilling with the fam, movie night with the SO, wine night with the ladies, etc.)
company swag for brand ambassadors

If your brand ambassadors are an extension of your brand, you certainly want them to further enhance their lifestyle experiences and relate that to a positive connection to your brand, which they in turn, relay to their like-minded peers.

Call Us & We'll Curate the Best Company Swag for Your Business!

best company swag from southwest solutionsTo show your employees you appreciate all the hard work they do for your business, the above listed items hopefully help inspire you to think of awesome employee appreciation gifts to help express your sincere gratitude for their efforts. If you need more ideas or would like some assistance in choosing an appropriate gift for someone on your team, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask us what might be best! We have plenty of experience when it comes to picking out the best company swag that will make any recipient happy. Let us know what kind of budget you are working with so that we can recommend something within those parameters.

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