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Trendy 2021 Branding Materials to Make Your Mark

You’re here for the swag, aren’t you? Promotional products are making a comeback as businesses begin operating in person again and trade shows reopen their doors. And, we’re here for it. Literally. We are available for all your promotional product printing needs. But, perhaps you’re not sure how to make a grand entrance alongside these grand reopenings. Have no fear! We have all the top branding materials that are trending in this browseable blog, showcasing what’s hot and how to get it.

Think Function-Forward for Promo Products

You’re not limited to what’s listed here. Consider these examples as avenues for brainstorming beyond what you see and remember, you won’t find better help brainstorming and finding the perfect product for your business than calling us at Southwest Solutions.

Out with the old and in with the new. This is 2021’s focus as we put 2020 well behind us. The future of branding materials is all about function and forward-thinking, while maintaining a status of style.

These Trendy Tech-Products Build ROI & Your Brand

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As more people head back to the office, you can bet the talk around the water cooler will be plenty. Maslow hit the nail on the head. Second to shelter and food (which we all got plenty of during quarantine), we then crave a sense of belonging. As staff returns to their story-telling, they also will bring back gadget-wielding and advice-giving. That said, you can capitalize on branding materials that will make the transition to the cubicle cool again.

  1. Crumb Catchers. – Personalize this handy tool that captures crumbs and attention!
  2. Lost-n-found Tracker. – Customize a gadget that is sure to “find” its way into conversations.
  3. Wireless Charging Stations. – Take charge of your brand’s marketing efforts when you conveniently cut the cables at the cubicle.

PPE is here to Stay – and Slay.

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While the novel coronavirus is becoming a thing of the past, safety and hygiene habits have only increased in importance. These PPE products are here to stay – and slay both germs and generic chotskies. Consider the below branding materials that are sure to garner favor and frequency of use (making your brand the only thing others are exposed to).

  1. Sanitizing Wireless Charger – Clean, cordless and recharged is just what your audience ordered.
  2. Mask Keeper Lanyard – Even after the mask mandates lift, the lanyard has a way of hanging around. Consider a branded lanyard for masks, keys, and IDs.
  3. Sanitizing Water Bottle – Hydration and hygiene go hand-in-hand. Now, just add your logo and take advantage of the onlookers that are thirsty for your products and services.

Travel-Friendly Branding Materials are Going Places

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Ready to hit the road? The world is, and with your branded bag in tow, you’ll get upwards of 6,100 impressions just from a single outerwear promo product alone. Here are some fantastic ideas of outerwear that are getting your brand some serious miles.

  1. Hammocks – Who knew relaxing could bring in so much ROI?
  2. Dry Bags – Your marketing efforts won’t dry up anytime soon with these so-hot-right-now dry bags featuring your logo.
  3. Fanny Packs – The fanny pack has officially come up for the rear and is back in front of the competition. Have a logo branded, they will travel.

Combine Stylish, Useful, & Forward-Thinking for a Sought-After Promotional Item

Express Yourself. Hey, hey, hey, hey!

The art of expressing ourselves continues to grow. What once was just a face-to-face or snail mail has turned into gifs, podcasts, and 30-second dance moves that put your childhood ideas of choreography to shame (TikTok, anyone?) It’s all good though, because even if your moves are rusty, your branding materials can do all the talking. Here are some of the best promo products to expand your reach and allow your customers to express their support for your brand.

  1. Journals – get all the “write” attention when your logo accompanies your customers’ journal and journeys.
  2. Acrylic Picture Frames – picture this. Your brand making an impression with every onlooker that crosses its picture-perfect path.
  3. Selfie Ring Light – take your brand off the shelf and take advantage of the self-ie. Each time your customer snaps that selfie or records their livelihood, they aren’t the only one gaining impressions! You’re benefiting from the continued brand recognition each time they catch a glimpse of your logo.

Comfortable & Cozy Branding Materials

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This past year brought a lot of change about. One thing for certain was the flexibility to work and play in environments that are both comfortable and cozy. Now, with people traveling and working remotely, be it their couch or their coffee shop, there is a greater desire for comfort. These branding materials are making some serious headway in the promo product world, and surprisingly, are bringing in more brand exposure than one would have originally thought.

  1. Blankets – Heat up your marketing efforts with a branded blanket sure to bring in warm leads.
  2. Socks – Put your brand’s best foot forward with socks featuring your logos. Garner brand impressions even when your customers put their feet up.
  3. Candles – Is that *sniff, sniff* ROI, I smell? Branding candles with your logo makes so much “scents” given 37% of women use branded candles in their bathrooms and 52% have branded candles in their kitchens.

We hope this trend list sparked some creative ideas. We’d love to talk more about how to elevate your business and your branding! Call us at SWS today!

Creating a climbing community takes investment and one of the most successful investments we have made in that avenue has been the Circuit Session event.

A huge part of that success is due to the custom award pin badges we gave away as rewards for completion of a circuit. These pins represented a few dollars invested but the community response to them was worth far more to our business.

-Cory Hanson, General Manager


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